Sunday, 11 January 2009

Is it a scarf, is it a stole?

My father came home from church with the following story. Apparently the (Anglican) priest took his vestments in to be dry-cleaned. These included a stole, a surplice and a cassock. When he got the receipt it read 'scarf' for stole, 'shirt' for surplice and 'dressing gown' for cassock.

This weather it is a wonder he wears any of them. Because it is forecast to be very hot in February we are also going to act as baby (tree) minders for a Wollamai pine in a pot. The owner does not want to lose it through lack of water while she is away. The rest of her garden will almost certainly die because she is not permitted to use the automatic watering system and nobody is permitted to water outside their allotted times. Whether this is really saving water or the environment is something which will have to be decided in the future. From my point of view it means that too many people see it as a good excuse to give up doing anything in the garden. People need green though, especially in this climate.

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