Saturday, 24 January 2009

Letters to the Editor

It is surprising what does get published - and what does not. I often wonder who actually edits the Letters to the Editor in various newspapers. I suspect that the initial culling is often done by young journalists, especially over holiday periods. The senior staff are more likely to be on leave then. The political slant of letters is more likely than ever to lean left in those times.
Australia's journalism does appear to lean left. There are exceptions but columnists who endeavour to provide a right wing or even middle of the road view are likely to be heavily criticised by their colleagues and letter writers alike. It does not serve us well.
Frank Devine's column in the Australian yesterday suggested that George W Bush may be judged more kindly by history than the present. It's an interesting thought.
The South Australian Liberals lost the by-election in Frome. That should not have happened, especially in a by-election but 'independents' put in by Labor to muddy the waters managed to stir up a sludge almost too difficult to shift. It is a shameful first for an opposition party. Martin Hamilton-Smith would make a good Premier but he will almost certainly never have the opportunity. Labor has been in power too long in South Australia. Even if the Liberals cannot win next time around Labor needs some true Independents to keep them from complacency. There's an election here next year. Media Mike will, naturally, time it to his own advantage and we will have to contend with a smirk along with his sneering arrogance. South Australia will be the poorer for it.

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