Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Natasha Stott-Despoja gets a regular column in the Advertiser. I am not sure why, something to do with being an ex-polly I suppose. The Democrats used to hold the balance of power in the Senate. They are a spent force these days and deservedly so because they stopped being independent of the major parties. I think their attraction for N S-D was that they were small enough for her to rise to the top (which she did) but she also presided over their demise. Australia needed the Democrats, still needs something like them.
Her column this morning dealt with the relocation of the 'Gitmo' inmates. She maintains Australia has a duty to take some. My view is that the first responsibility of a government is towards the people who have elected those in it. Taking these men in would involve major risks even if they were not a risk in themselves. The government of the day has a duty of care towards its citizens.

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