Thursday, 15 January 2009

Getting old rapidly

I called in to see my elderly friend Claire this morning. She is home after ten days in hospital. It was so hot I did not go to see her but we talked on the 'phone. When we did she knew who I was but sounded confused about what was happening to her.
They sent her home yesterday but I think she should have stayed there. She has aged ten years in ten days. She still does not have the energy to give me a hug but that is less of a worry than the fact that she does not have the energy to eat properly. There are good quality frozen meals there but she does not have the energy to heat them in the microwave. If she does, she eats half of it. She sleeps most of the time.
It is more than time for her to move into care, something she wants to do. Beds are at a premium of course. The government has not planned for a population that is getting old rapidly.

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