Friday, 30 January 2009

Simply too hot for her

My friend Margaret died this morning. The heat was apparently too much for her compromised health, despite efforts to keep her cool. I feel stunned but grateful that she apparently died laughing at a joke.
It is showing no sign of cooling down any time in the coming week. So far Dad has entertained himself by reading several books he badly wanted to read.
Yesterday he passed the book on the Exclusive Brethren over to me. What I have read so far confirms what I already knew - and it should be made much more public. These people wield a power which is grossly disproportionate to their numbers. Their doctrine of separation is such that they are, as a group, guilty of the worst type of mental cruelty. There is nothing Christian in the doctrine of separation, indeed it is a doctrine abhorred by other religious groups as well. Denying children access to parents who have left the fold is also child abuse, along with the many other means of child abuse they visit on the children.

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