Friday, 31 July 2009

The gopher broke down right outside -

an elderly citizen's home. If your gopher is going to break down there are worse places for this to happen. Dad was a bit put out to discover that they thought he was a resident - after all he is only 86. He's not old yet. (Younger people might be referred to as 'old' but he is not old - yet.)
He did not get to exercise class.
When I arrived home I discovered the gopher was in the rain in the driveway. I covered it with the all weather cover and went in to hear what was wrong. The gopher had come to a halt outside 'Resthaven' in the next suburb. A Resthaven nurse mistook Dad for a resident but then directed him to the respite care office where they let him wait (and provided tea and sympathy) for an 'access' cab - the sort big enough to take a gopher or wheelchair. He does not know it but he is lucky he did not have to wait for hours. They are often very late in arriving.
The man from the gopher service arrived after lunch and fixed the problem. It was nothing too serious, just a loose connection. Dad blames the condition of the footpaths. I admit they are not good but it may also have something to do with the fact that he does ride (legally) on the back streets - at top speed.

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