Saturday, 4 July 2009

We were the recipients of

ten roses yesterday. They are dainty things with deep red interiors and an apricot yellow exterior. Unlike many shop bought roses they also have a faint perfume. They also have thorns - but I am willing to tolerate that for the pleasure of looking at them.
They were a gift from one of the oldies I keep an eye on. It was unnecessary and that is possibly one of the things that makes the gesture particularly nice.
As Dad and I do not spend a lot of time in the dining area or the lounge area we have them on the kitchen table. They will get in the way - and we do not care in the least.
We have rose bushes along the front fence. My mother put them there. My father says he would not have put them there but he will not remove them now. We have removed a nameless bush she planted that grew too high because she never wanted to cut anything back. In its place we have another lavender bush. The bees like that. The two visiting cats sleep underneath the lavender bushes in the summer. They do not sleep under the rose bushes.

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