Thursday, 9 July 2009

"A separated mother of three...."

is the way in which the media has described the new leader of the state's opposition. Nothing was said about her other qualifications for the job. "Mother of three" might well be an excellent qualification for any job. "Separated mother of three" is a slightly different take on things. A male would probably have been described as 'has three children' and, perhaps, "separated from his partner" but these would have been somewhere near the end of the story.
I just love the media. They really know how to mess things up. They know how to turn a good news story into a bad news story. They know how to turn a bad news story into an even worse story which, of course, makes it a good news story. News sells. They must invent it if it does not exist.
I had a 'phone call last night - from Queensland. Someone had seen my letter in the Australian and wanted to congratulate me on it. Thankyou very much. I am just surprised there have not been a slew of letters criticising me in this morning's paper. Are people getting a little tired of the adulation being awarded to Our Revered Leader at state as well as Federal level? Is the suggestion that we are too much like a one-party state giving people something to think about?
I am surprised Our Revered State Leader has not sent his secret police around to let down my tricycle tyres.

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