Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I had to make two trips on the tricycle

to get enough sugar for the marmalade. Unexpectedly it was 'on special'. I have no objection to paying 18c less than usual for each packet. I will need to get more. There is enough fruit for three batches. I will need to go on a jar hunt as well.
I sliced the fruit yesterday afternoon and the house is now filling with the unmistakeable aroma of grapefruit, sugar and water boiling gently together. It is cool (cold according to us) and the windows have steamed over. I can see the steam rising over the pan. Looking into it is like looking down on bubbling yellow little pieces of sunshine jumping, running and chasing one another around. Little do they know they are about to be captured and bottled.
Dad gave the jars another thorough scrubbing yesterday. I discovered the reason he had volunteered for such duty was that his hands were feeling cold. He cannot wear gloves in the shed, not even fingerless mittens. It was too cold out there yesterday. The temperature did not get above 10'C. This seems so odd. I finished some work for someone in the northern hemisphere who has been grumbling about the heat!
In between I wrote a longer than usual letter to our state newspaper. I do try to keep my ramblings to the press short but I felt the need to express myself on the issue of the perceived need to keep children constantly competitively occupied under adult supervision. Someone in there must have agreed with me as they printed it in full this morning. No doubt I will get criticised by those who believe children should not learn to entertain themselves.

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