Monday, 27 July 2009

There were at least five of them

in the car. There might even have been six. It was going too fast for me to see.
The car itself was old. The 'music' coming from it was almost drowned out by the sound of the exhaust and the shouts and jeers. The car's wheels barely skimmed the surface of the railway crossing. In the back window there was a "P" for probationary driver.
Need I say more? Yes. First up, it is a good thing that my tricycle has good brakes. The second is that the elderly couple walking their young grandchildren were within a hair's breadth of a major tragedy and the youngest child was screaming with terror. The car had, quite deliberately, swerved towards him with the horn blaring.
For the occupants of the car this was a fun afternoon out. For the rest of us it was something else. Unfortunately none of us managed to get the number plate. Almost certainly the police could have done nothing, even if they decided the paperwork was worth it.
There is a Stop sign at the level crossing. It is ignored all too often. Too many of them think it applies only if the boom gates are down and the bells are ringing as well. It applies all the time. I keep well to the left and am still terrified that someone is going to run into the back of me because they have ignored the sign.
Now we have two competing demands. One in the Australian is a suggestion by the incumbent Federal Government that 16 yr old Australians should be given the vote. (Why not? They know the vast majority of young people are impressionable and think they will vote to keep them in power.) The other, in the Advertiser is suggesting that 16 is too young for a driver's licence and that the age should be raised.
I know which one I would vote for.

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