Wednesday, 29 July 2009

We did not need 24 icecream cones

but I came home to discover the freezer packed to capacity with them. It is clear that my sister cannot be trusted to be sensible any more than my father. They went shopping unsupervised.
We were supposed to be invaded by the six children today but their mother is still trying to fight off a bronchitic like virus. Next week perhaps.
In the meantime I went to knitting at the bookshop yesterday afternoon. Dad went shopping with daughter number two. They were supposed to buy him new shoes. There was no time for that. They had to buy - icecream.
"But it was a bargain!" I was told.
"We didn't need it."
"I thought the children would like it."
They will - but they do not need that many. My sister took four with her. That still leaves twenty. I almost never eat ice cream. I do not like that particular sort. I love the good sort but it is not good for me.
I must admit my father rarely does anything like this. It will have been my sister's influence.
I really cannot begrudge the six children a treat however. It is about a month before they are supposed to head for Manila and the slums for three months. They will not, if their mother has any sense, be eating icecream there. Any food they eat should be cooked. The water should be bottled. I am certain that she has not really thought all this through. She may think she knows but the reality will not hit until they are actually there. Yesterday when she was, obviously feeling lousy, trying to talk to me and control some high spirited behaviour I asked her how she would cope if she was feeling like this in Manila. Her answer was that she would be better by then. Perhaps she will be. She may not get ill again. They may all remain perfectly healthy for the entire time they are there. It's unlikely.
Oh well, it is a good thing there are still 20 icecream cones in the freezer.

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