Tuesday, 14 July 2009

In "Dragon Castle"

by Elinor Lyon some of the characters have developed the acronym "SATBYS". They use it to remind others of the need to "Stop And Think Before You Speak".
SATBYS, SATBYS, SATBYS. Perhaps that should be SATBYW - yes, Stop And Think Before You Write. I must remember that anyone could find this on the internet.
Letters to the press are a different story. They may or may not get published. If they do they may or may not be edited. Sometimes the editorial blue pencil will produce a version which is not what the author intended to say at all. They need to SATBYE - Stop And Think Before You Edit.
This morning however there is a story in the press which should be of interest to anyone who cares about the way in which justice is delivered. The Parole Board has an impossible job. If those they let out on parole behave themselves nobody hears about it. If someone commits another criminal act then the Parole Board is blamed - not the individual who commits the criminal act. The Parole Board also has the impossible task of trying to administer the law as laid down by Parliament and as interpreted by the courts and as demanded by those who want to see their clients paroled. There are conflicting interests all the way. It is made even more difficult when the Attorney-General appoints to the board the individual who gives him free legal advice and that individual makes an error of judgment resulting in a major police incident. The answer for the Attorney-General has been easy. All he has had to do is blame the Chairman of the Parole Board. The only problem is that she was on leave when the decision was made. She played no part in it. SATBYS Mr Attorney-General?

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Unknown said...

Read that book as a child....would read it again if I could find a copy. Thanks for the authors name!