Thursday, 8 April 2021

Access to premises

is proving difficult. 

I managed to get "out" yesterday but, when I arrived back from visiting the Senior Cat and doing a couple of errands, I could not get back in. One of the WITS stopped his great big digging machine and said,

"Didn't know you had gone out. You snuck out on me. Hold on." He, rightly, would not allow me to try and get the trike over the mess. I could not have done it. I could not get myself over the mess. 

I kept all piteous mewling to myself. He lifted the trike over the mess and then - yes, lifted me! It was all done quite cheerfully but I felt a bit - unsettled.

"Anyone else going in or out?" he asked.

"Yes, the man who mows the lawns and someone for a meeting just after lunch."

"Ah, be done before then. I can bang in some and they can drive in if they need to."

S..., who mows lawns, walked down from the next street instead. He did it last time as well.  P..., who was coming for a meeting, and had things to carry drove cautiously down the other side of the street. The workman who had lifted me across the mess had not finished but he told her, "Got warned you were coming. Park there. It will be quite safe." P.... parked. He gave her a hand across the mess. She is a much bigger person. 

After we had met and decisions had been made she left with the same helping hand. 

I looked at the very large chocolate rabbit which was given to the Senior Cat. His friend is quite unaware that the Senior Cat doesn't much care for chocolate - and neither do I. The Senior Cat had given it to me with instructions to "give it to someone". I took it out to the WITS, "Any of you have children....?" I explained how I had come by it.

They laughed and took it from me. Later they had cleared the mess and tamped in some gravel and sand. I can get in and out this morning. I hope the parcel that is waiting at the post office is still there.

But perhaps there are some advantages to being a smaller cat. It means I can be picked up and put across the mess - not that it is very comfortable!

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