Thursday 27 May 2021

Is football more important than health?

That is a serious question. I really would like to know the answer. 

Why? Because there seems to be a suggestion that people should be allowed to attend a football match in their thousands when there has been another Covid outbreak.This has been among a population which still has not been vaccinated in sufficient numbers to prevent a rapid spread of a highly contagious variant.

Oh they are telling people to isolate if they have attended certain venues in and around the city. They are "tracking" and "monitoring" and there are some timid pleas to "please get vaccinated". 

I wonder what would happen if those in charge of public health suddenly said, "There will be no more football matches at any level until 90% of the population is vaccinated."

Imagine the outcry. 

People here are much too complacent. They are too ready to listen to not just the anti-vaccination mob but to all the media stories about the side effects of the vaccines. They are being selfish and saying, "We'll wait and see if it is really necessary" or "I am waiting until the other vaccine is available."

I'm sorry but it is necessary and it is necessary now. The "other vaccine" is not available. This one works.

I felt very tired yesterday. I had a headache and my upper right paw hurt. These were mild side effects of the vaccine. I had been warned it might happen. I still managed to get on with the day.

Middle Cat told me, "If I die getting the vaccine then at least science might learn something from it and save other people." I know other people who have the same attitude.

I know one young man who will be vaccinated at a hospital. He will have someone sitting with him for some hours. They will be monitoring him closely. He has a compromised immune system and nobody is sure how he will react. It's a risk he wants to take. He is taking the same attitude as Middle Cat. His parents are supporting him. He could easily leave it  up to "everyone else" to get vaccinated and hope that he benefits from that. He's due there tomorrow - please keep him in your thoughts. 

And anyone else here in Downunder who is reading this who can go and get a jab now - please go and do it. It is the responsible thing to do. It also means you can eventually go to the footy with minimal risk of catching Covid19.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect the people who are concerned about the (very few) adverse outcomes from the covid vaccination, happily accept the other risks in their lives (car accidents, limbs falling off trees, medical procedures) without even thinking about them.

I had the first injection (and later the flu injection) and look forward to the second covid one, for my benefit AND the benefit to the community. The more people vaccinated, the better for all of us.