Monday 31 May 2021

Replanting tulip bulbs

was on the agenda yesterday. Yes, I know that sounds strange to those of you who live in Upover and other parts where summer is on the horizon. 

In Downunder it will officially be the first day of winter tomorrow and it is distinctly chilly this morning. Yesterday was not too warm either but the sun came out and so I prowled out into the garden and put the bulbs carefully back into their pots.

Now I am not a gardener. I am not so much not a gardener that I would cover the ground with paving but I need a garden which is at least relatively easy to care for. I do not have the time that the Senior Cat had for gardening.  It was his garden, not mine. I still feel as if it is his. I don't grow vegetables any more but I am trying to keep his flowers going - and that means the tulips.

Middle Cat - much more of a gardener - reminded me of when I needed to put the bulbs in their bag in the 'fridge. She has not reminded me of when they needed to be taken out. About eight weeks ago she did say "the end of May". I doubt she has thought about it since. 

I dug the soil in the pots again. It is fresh soil that S... - who helps me do the heavy jobs in the garden - had put in. I investigated the bulbs. They should have been lifted earlier than they were so some of them may not be much good. Nevertheless I put them in and covered tham over carefully. In all this I was supervised by the visiting cat. Pluto likes to make himself at home in our garden. It is dog free. (He lives with three dogs and I think he grows tired of trying to control them.)

Perhaps we will have some more tulips. If they flower Middle Cat will photograph them for the Senior Cat. My BIL, who does such things for a hobby, will enlarge some of the photos so that the Senior Cat can have more "garden" in his room. (He has an indoor pot in there now - the only resident to have anything like that in their room.)

But all of this is really rather difficult. I still feel as if it is the Senior Cat's garden and I should not be playing in it. 

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John Karlsson said...

I must say that, to fans of the works of Walt Disney, it is absolutely SHOCKING to have a CAT named "Pluto!" (Never mind that, in the Disney Universe, he is the non-sentient companion animal to a large, sentient mouse.) ;-)