Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Activity packs for the school holidays

are becoming something of a "must" for the children in the street.

Two of the children are already away visiting family in  another state. Their parents decided to take the risk of travelling because they have not seen family members for three years.  The maternal side of the family, the side they are going to see, is Korean. It is particularly important to them this year.  

"Wait until we get back Cat. Believe me we are going to need those packs to get the kids through isolation." Yes, they will almost certainly be in isolation when they return. I doubt that will have changed. I just hope they stay well.

"Now please Cat," the mother of the two boys immediately opposite told me, "We aren't isolating but I am trying to explain that we can't do certain things. I have them booked in for shots but that can't happen until the New Year."

As we were all outside and suitably socially distanced I told the boys to look inside the front door. Their two bags were on the floor. They rushed off and, a moment later, came tearing outside. 

"Thank you Cat!" 

Their mother and I watched as they investigated. As it was close to the time of their evening meal they reluctantly handed over the (relatively healthy) corn chips, the chocolate frog (there were some left over from Halloween) and the little packet of Smarties (bought when they were cut price at the supermarket last month). The colouring in books (Roald Dahl and Moomin variety) were investigated, crayons, glue, tape, envelopes, paper, card, glitter, stickers.  

It sounds like a lot but all the packs cost less than $20 and I estimate there are far more than twenty hours of activities in them. It is cheap at the price.

It is also a way of thanking their parents for their help during the year. I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my neighbours again this year. As they set out across the street I didn't need to hear young T... say, "Cat has the bestest things in here." I think I have "the bestest" neighbours. 

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