Thursday, 23 December 2021

The pictures of other people's mince pies

makes me acutely conscious that, apart from one batch of shortbread, I have done no Christmas cooking - yet.

That should change today. I need to go to the supermarket first - something I was trying to avoid - but they had no cream cheese when I went in. Obviously other people are also making the sort of cheesecake which requires no baking. Sigh... I will mask up, keep my head down and be in and out as quickly as I can.

I also have to make what are locally known as "honey crackles". These are essential apparently - for all children, even those who claim to be "adults".  (If you are not aware of these they are a mixture of cornflakes and a sort of butterscotch syrup which you place in those little paper cake cases. The result is supposed to be a sort of sticky mess - to be eaten one cornflake at a time.)

These things do not take a long time to make and must be done today. I can leave it no longer.

The Senior Cat has decided he does not feel he has the stamina to go out on Christmas Day. We thought that might be so. We told him it was to be his decision. We would fit in either way.  There was an "access cab" ordered on the off-chance but the cab drivers won't mind a cancellation in the least. They have too much to do as it is. Middle Cat and I will spend time with the Senior Cat and other members of the family will go in and see him. What the Senior Cat does not yet know is that Nephew and Partner from the neighbouring state have entirely rearranged their plans so that they can travel over by road and see him.  Nephew phoned his mother and informed her of all this yesterday. It was completely unexpected - and left Middle Cat in tears and me sniffling into a tissue too. Nephew's Partner has elderly parents of her own who are not in the best state of health. They were consulted before the decision was made and apparently said, "We can have New Year with you you go."

To me these decisions are a true reflection of what Christmas, apart from the religious significance of it all, should be about. It is the best possible Christmas present. 

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