Tuesday, 21 December 2021

The selfishness of some people

can still leave me stunned.

Much is being made of a young man who went out and partied while awaiting the results of a test for Covid. He should have been home and in isolation until he got the results. And then, yes he would have been in isolation because he has Covid. 

Apparently he only has mild symptoms but he is now languishing in "medi-hotel" accommodation. My view is that he should be languishing somewhere a good deal less comfortable. Why? Because so many other people are now in quarantine and some may become very ill as a result of his stupidity. Some will miss Christmas with family and almost all of them will be financially disadvantaged because of his actions.

A friend called in on Sunday afternoon to deliver something. She is fully vaccinated and so is her husband but they are cancelling Christmas celebrations because her son is refusing to get vaccinated. "I can't risk it," she told me. She was close to tears.

Apparently he doesn't "trust" the vaccines because they were so quickly produced.  My response to that would be that they have been working on these corona viruses for almost a hundred years. The present vaccines are closely related to other vaccines which have been in widespread use for many years. No, I don't know what is in them. I have absolutely no idea. It is one of those issues over which I need to trust other people - in the same way that I have to trust people to not murder each other. 

Right now my family is acutely aware that our beloved Senior Cat will not be with us for that much longer. If anything happens to prevent us from spending precious time with him then I am going to be incandescent with rage. I will feel the same for anyone else in the same position. One of the hardest things over the last two years has been watching people not be able to be with the people they care about the most...and when they most need it. It is why I am going to go on staying away from crowded places, doing only essential shopping as quickly as possible, and wearing a mask when out and about. It is the only responsible thing to do.

This is not about us but about everyone else, especially the people we care about the most.


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