Wednesday, 15 December 2021

No, we do not need a Grand Prix

in this state. We don't actually need a Grand Prix at all. The world does not need a Grand Prix.

I am sorry all you "motor heads" but if you are at all concerned about the state of the planet then stop supporting "motor sport". It is not sport. It encourages people to burn fossil fuel.

Yes, there is an article in this morning's paper saying that the Grand Prix we lost to another state (and which has not taken place for the past two years) should be returned to this state.  I think not. We do not need it. 

Even if it was to our financial advantage I would be saying we do not need it. I know there are those who claim "it brings millions into the state" but there are other things which could do the same thing. They might also engage people in a more positive way. 

One of the problems with so-called motor sport is the expense. Very few people can actually afford to participate - even at the very bottom of the ladder. It is largely a spectator "sport" and the spectator side tends to involve, as someone put it to me, "alcohol, ear muffs, and idiots" .

I suppose I am guilty of bias. I am allergic to alcohol (it is like touching and drinking stinging nettles), I hate loud noises (I have never been to a rock concert), and encouraging others to speed is something I consider to be highly irresponsible. There, I have said it.

The long summer break from school has started here. I had to head out for a fasting blood test early yesterday morning. There was less traffic than usual because no school runs were being done.  A policeman was leaning against his patrol car having a chat to someone I know. 

"Discussing the race track again Cat," the person I know said to me. He means his local street. It runs parallel to the railway line and I am well aware that speed is a problem there. 

"Don't you mean the revenue raiser?" I asked with a smile at the policeman to show that I supported his efforts to keep the traffic under control.

"Bloody idiots seem to think they're doing the Grand Prix," the policeman said.   

We don't need to get the Grand Prix back. We already have it most of the time. 

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