Thursday, 30 December 2021

Restrictions on visiting in aged care

are apparently back.

Middle Cat and I went to see the Senior Cat yesterday - or we tried to. We were greeted with the information that the rules have changed again. 

"Only one person," we were told. Okay, if they are worried in the current situation fair enough  I suppose.

But then we were told "And then it has to be the same person all the time. It can't be different people."

As far as practicable Middle Cat and I have been taking it in turns to visit the Senior Cat. It spreads the visiting load for us but, more importantly, it gives the Senior Cat someone different with whom to have a conversation.  

Yesterday was very hot so Middle Cat had picked me up instead. When given the news we looked at one another. What?  

If they want to limit the number of visitors fair enough. The current Covid situation is not good. We have been very careful but it doesn't mean we won't succumb.  

If it has to be the same person all the time then it has to be Middle Cat. The reason for this is that I don't drive. Middle Cat is the person they call on for all things medical - because she knows a lot more than I do about such things. If they want the "nominated" person after dark - as they did recently - then it is Middle Cat who would normally go. Middle Cat deals with the Senior Cat's prescriptions and liaises with the doctor too. I do his washing and deal with his other mail.  It has all worked out quite well. 

But this is a ruling that makes little sense to us. Middle Cat is out and about more than I am. I work from home and, while I have not been isolating as such, it has been close to that. We know that one residence I visit is in complete lockdown because a staff member has tested positive. They will open up again when everyone else has been tested and cleared. I have not rung them because they don't need queries right now. But I have just rung another residence and suggested I leave a parcel at the front desk. The response I got was, "That's okay if you want to but you can still go in and see M... We don't have a nominated visitors policy.  "

So why does the Senior Cat's residence have one? I think we need to find out. 


jeanfromcornwall said...

Another good example of rules for rules sake - never mind that a little logic could be applied and amke the system much more useful. Some people are allergic to logic, aren't they?!

Gene said...

Situation similar to yesterday’s post?