Tuesday 14 December 2021

"No Christmas decorations?"

I was told off yesterday for not putting up any Christmas decorations. Mmm....actually I didn't put up any last year either.

I mean, what's the point? I am not expecting the sort of visitors who expect to see decorations. Covid19 has seen to that. 

I am not a "climb on ladders" sort of cat. There is no way I can drag a tree into the house and decorate it. I would rather real trees stayed in the ground and I do not like the artificial variety. My local friends and I have come to an agreement that, if we see each other on a fairly regular basis, there is no need for a physical card. 

Several years ago a neighbour who has now moved on decorated the street trees with red bows. Nobody has done it since then. Number 11 has some lights up - solar powered. There is a discreet wreath on one door.  Around the corner Santa is on his motorbike at the house where the multiple motorbikes live. Nothing else has appeared - yet.

I am not too concerned. The decorations will go up. School only finished on Friday. There was that huge sigh over the weekend. Yesterday there were things which needed to be bought. You know what I mean don't you? There was a need for more baubles, for crepe paper and glue, for tape and tinsel, and more. I was told all about this. There will be some even smaller visitors asking me if I have any more cardboard and how did they make the angels last year. 

I am missing someone and Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without the Senior Cat here in the house. They have decorated the residence he lives in but that isn't the same thing.

But yesterday one of the mothers in the street quietly told me that the kittens have been busy and they have something for me. "It might appear on your door while you are out. Pretend you think Santa has brought it," she told me.

Yes, I'll do that. Christmas is for kittens.


gemma said...

Yes, it’s a sad Christmas without the whirlwind, and even never knowing her, I feel the loss. Hugs to you and her dad. Best and kindest thoughts always.

catdownunder said...

Thank you Gemma - I am so lucky to have the "kittens" in the street looking after me!