Friday 24 December 2021

Please wear a mask and

keep your distance from people you don't know...perhaps even some you do know.

We are having the expected surge in case numbers here. I know it is nothing like the surge in other places but it is summer here and people don't want to wear masks. They're hot. 

I'd rather be hot.  I am also keeping my distance from most people. 

The reason for all this is simple. The Senior Cat is far from well. I don't know how much longer we will have him. He had a small CVA (stroke) recently. He is eating very little. Middle Cat and I, his two children here, want to be able to spend time with him. The last thing we need right now is to get Covid and not be able to visit him. 

We are going to spend tomorrow with him and not join the usual gathering of the Greek side of the family - Middle Cat's in-laws. We would - with a degree of caution - go if the Senior Cat had wanted to go. 

Why? Because there was a wedding in the family recently. If people wished to attend it they had to show they were vaccinated. There are other elderly people on that side of the family too.

Brother Cat was here recently and Nephew Cat should arrive tonight. He is driving over 700km to get here. A plane journey would take far less time but it isn't Covid-safe.  Others are also planning to visit the Senior Cat. All of them are, at very least, doubly vaccinated. Those that can have had their "booster" shot. 

We are trying to do all the "right" things but we know that even that might not keep us safe and well. We also know we have a responsibility towards others, particularly the very elderly and very frail people in the same residence as the Senior Cat. Do others feel the same way? 

But are things really as bad as all that? This time last year we were hoping the worst of the pandemic was over. That has not happened but now there really does seem to be some hope that it might be this time next year. The most recent variant may be more transmissible but is it really as severe? Data suggests that it may not be. That's a positive. We just need to keep to the rules about masks and hand sanitiser and keeping our distance. Stay safe and well everyone - you are all important to someone, including me.

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Anonymous said...

And you are important to us!

Keep well - and keep writing.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. And also your other readers.