Tuesday, 16 December 2008


5% to 15% and we only get the latter if everyone else starts on the emissions bit as well.
I think this might be something of a con job. It is Rudd trying to be all things to all people again. He is, once again, behaving more like a public servant than a Prime Minister. I wonder if he has watched Yes, Minister and then Yes, Prime Minister?
He has tried to buy votes with a pay out to pensioners and now he is trying to tell people that he will pay for the cost of this scheme. Of course this is taxpayer money isn't it? We will pay for it in the end. He won't.
On another point - Virginia Bell of NSW has just been appointed to the High Court. No doubt a worthy appoinment and good to have another woman on the bench. However it does mean that South Australia has still not had a single appointment to the High Court. Unlike the editorial in today's Advertiser I am not sure our Chief Justice would have been a good choice but it reflects badly on the state and on the federation as a whole.

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