Monday, 22 December 2008

A mini-gathering of the clan

We made it out to Tea Tree Plaza yesterday, courtesy Helen and her car. The traffic was thick and the drivers their usual pre-Christmas crazy. TTP was also full of people and noise. We caught up with Meryl, my late mother's secretary and spent about an hour and a half chatting and drinking iced coffee because of the heat.

Julie (cousin's daughter) came to pick us up for the party. It turned into a mini-gathering of the clan - people from WA, NSW and Victoria as well as the local members of the clan. The ceiling fans kept the room fairly cool but the noise level rose - when Gunns get together they talk.

I wonder how many other families do this sort of thing. We are, thanks to Malcolm's efforts with the family history and the official gatherings, very much more conscious of family than we were. The older cousins have always kept in touch but now some of the younger cousins are making the effort.

Do we have anything in common apart from family? Oddly, yes. There are plenty of teachers, engineers and maritime personnel among other things. We have common values

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