Friday, 12 December 2008


It's raining! Nothing to get excited about you say? I beg to differ. Adelaide is in the grip of a drought. This will not be enough to break it and the cherry farmers in the hills will not be happy because they do not need it right at this moment but the rest of us do.
Thankfully the new rain water tank went in on Monday. That makes 7 tanks now. There will actually be some water in it. It will be far from full but any water is better than none as we look ahead to a very hot summer.
I do not like summer. Scotland, even in winter, is beginning to look incredibly attractive. Failing that the south of the South Island of New Zealand might do the trick.
The papers are full of the need for a Bill of Human Rights. Given the lawyers are getting in on the act early it seems likely that this is more likely to be a Bill of Lawyers' Rights.

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