Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Another booklist came today. Dad and I read it at the meal table and both of us wondered yet again at some of the books that get published. They are, as he puts it, 'so negative'. Do we really need books about sexual abuse, marital infidelity, violence, murder, gang rape, bikie gang wars etc?
There is a place for academic writing about these things no doubt, if it is designed to assist in reducing the impact on the victims of such problems. Reading about the 'true life' stories of the victims however seems no better than those who are mere onlookers at the scene of an accident or other incident. If you can't do something positive to help then get out of the way.
I picked up a library book I have been wanting to read - Kathy Reichs "Devil Bones". Now yes, that is about murder and forensics. It is fiction. It is not designed to intrude on the life of a living, breathing human being or their family.

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