Monday, 29 December 2008

Post Christmas Sales?

Post Christmas sales are a curious thing. I had to go into the city this morning for another purpose altogether and was rather dreading it. It is day 3 of the post Christmas sales. I rather thought that the city would be filled with frantic shoppers. Perhaps they have spent all their money. Today was rather quiet.
There were plenty of 'Sales' being advertised. Many people will have bought things they do not need and do not want.
I obtained the books I needed - dictionaries - and would have been home early but the cash register in the shop was not working properly and I was delayed. The modern shop assistant cannot cope without a cash register. This not merely because they need a place to store the transaction for the inevitable computer but because the assistants are unable to add up or give change without a machine informing them of the amounts. I had done both (accurately) in my head before I went to the counter. Despite that I do not believe I am particularly adept at mathematics. Statistics at university nearly defeated me, especially after I heard two very senior staff discussing how to manipulate them in order to get the desired result.

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