Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Exam results

The Year 12 results were out today. It makes me wonder, yet again, about any form of three hour examination. One of the students I have been helping did well enough but should have done better - he just 'freaks out' at the thought of an exam, any exam. He can hand in brilliant assignments. He will probably get into his second choice of university course but life will probably be second choice all the way through unless he can overcome his exam phobia.
There were some other year 12 students hanging around the shopping centre trying to kid themselves that they were satisfied with their results.
Interesting that the student with the best results was the one who served me in the supermarket. She could scarcely wait to tell me her TER - 96.5 - and she has managed to hold down a part-time job all year to help her family.

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