Sunday, 28 December 2008

A little sorting

I suspect I have far too many knitting patterns, especially for shawls. There are four large folders full of them.
Yes, I knit but I do not knit to patterns. I like to have them because they give me ideas.
This afternoon, in preparation for the new bookshelves, I decided to sort some of them.
They are now rearranged, one lot into a folder of things I am unlikely to use even for ideas. The rest are still a jumble. I may get around to that.
There are other things I want to make for myself and for Dad - or should I say, need to make?
He needs another good handknit casual pullover. Those my mother knitted are largely unsatisfactory. He wears them because she made them but clearly feels uncomfortable in them. They were not well made. If she tried anything more than plain stocking stitch with raglan sleeves the mistakes would be obvious. She was too impatient to knit well. It was the same with sewing.
As for myself, let's just say that I have knitted myself one garment in the last 17 years. The rest have gone to other people, including all the shawls. Those garments I do have are looking a little worn. Oh well.
Of course it is getting too warm to knit. That is a good excuse to start on the patterns I should be writing....but a new novel is more fun. I have still not heard from the two people I sent a copy of the other one to - perhaps they did not get it. One can hardly ask! Then perhaps they did and it is so awful they do not know what to say. It would be nice to know but it seems unlikely when they have not acknowledged receipt of same. Oh well again. Perhaps I am not meant to be an author - even of a blog.

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