Thursday, 25 December 2008


There has been more drama in the family. My sister slipped on a patch of cooking oil outside a restaurant she was passing in the city and damaged her newly partially replaced knee, her back and her wrist so the Blog has been ignored while I did her Christmas cooking etc as well as my own. Thankfully she did not actually break any bones.
Christmas - we went to the Greeks as usual. Seeing some of them just once a year the changes are obvious. The youngest starts high school this year.
The oldest, my nephew Yiani, is about to switch courses and will be doing medicine instead of medical technology. It's been a major decision.
They are a group bound together by blood relationships but they do not have many interests in common. It is getting harder to understand their grandmother as she uses more and more Greek words. I can understand some but Dad really struggles.
Dad has finally acknowledged that he will not be making any new bookcases and offered me some bookcases from IKEA as a Christmas present for both of us. I gave him two books to help start filling them!
Both books reflect his interests. One was on the Exclusive Brethren and their political influence in Australia. It should make interesting reading. The other was on making wooden tops - small challenges which he will enjoy more than making a bookcase!
My sister remained in hospital for the day so we all trooped in with Steve (her husband) taking in 'nibbles' in the form of cheese (haloumi and brie) and dips and crackers and soft drinks for a little celebration. We exchanged presents there. It was all recorded by Steve as keen photographer - much to the embarrassment of my nephews.
I am relieved Christmas is over with no major dramas.

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