Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I do not particularly like coffee

I fail to understand the pleasure in 'going out for a coffee' and downing a dark, bitter brew which will leave my heart racing for the rest of the day. Of course it may help if I added sugar. I do not know. I do not like sugar in my tea or coffee - or on my breakfast cereal. (Before you ask I buy sugar-free cereal too.)
One does not ask for tea when going out for a coffee either. The tea is invariably made with something less than freshly boiling water. If you can get it at all it will come as a tea bag sitting in a cup of lukewarm water or it will be stewed to the point where it is bitter too.
I rarely 'go out for a coffee'. It is not part of my lifestyle. It never has been. I might have developed the habit in teacher training college but I did not have the money - and I went on not having money. I see no point in paying more for one cup of something than I would pay for a week's worth of tea at home. It is much the same with meals. My father and I rarely eat out. He prefers what I cook - which is a tremendous compliment.
I know that is not supposed to be point. You are supposed to sit down, relax, and watch the passing parade. You are supposed to chat to friends. "It's not doing nothing Cat!" I am told.
"It does not have to be productive! It's just socialising."
Well, okay but would someone please tell me what's wrong with taking my knitting? I can still pay attention to the conversation. I can still contribute. If one of my friends tells me something really serious I will stop knitting and give them my full attention but if they are just commenting on the passing parade then I think that I would rather knit while I listen.

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Holly said...

Nothing wrong with saving your money for more worthwhile things. Such as yarn, yarn and more yarn to be complemented by fresh fruit and vegies in season.