Saturday, 6 June 2009

Is the world flat?

When nine out of ten people tell you that you are wrong it is tempting to believe them. It is much easier to be part of the majority. It is comfortable. Most of us like comfort.
If you belong to the majority then other people help to do the work too. That's nice. It adds to the comfort and the 'feel good'.
Why then do I have to go stirring up trouble? Why do I have to be in the minority? I should know better. I tell myself, "Cat, you are already in the minority why do you want to add to the difference?" Then I add to the difference anyway. I keep telling people the world is round. They keep telling me it is flat. Round is harder to stay on. Flat means you just need to stay away from the edges. That way you cannot fall off. Round is a constant balancing act.
This morning I told Vanessa the world is round. If she bothers to answer me she will probably tell me that the world is flat. Flat is better when you are upset. I think I understand that although the world has never been flat for me.
I wonder what the flat world is like? Does it exist?

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