Friday, 19 June 2009

What is the first thing you would buy

with $50 million?
I do not normally waste my time on such trivia. I am never likely to have that sort of money in my paws.
Nevertheless the topic was under discussion yesterday. It came up because the jackpot in the national lottery has increased to this amount over the past couple of weeks. People are apparently buying tickets like a frenzy of lemmings. Hmmm.
Then the media stepped in and, on page three, they ran a demand from various charities that the person or persons who actually succeed in achieving the 1:45 million odds hand over the lot to them. The message seemed to be that, if you are rich enough to buy lottery tickets you do not need the money you win. Hand it over.
I did wonder what people would make of that demand. I had to attend a meeting of 'carers' who are looking for more taxpayer funds to help care for their children, all of whom have severe disabilities. Before the meeting started one of them asked everyone else in the room to name something that they would buy for themselves - not for anyone else. He stipulated it had to be something substantial and not something we needed. It had to be a luxury type of item. The men went laughingly for things like sports cars, beachside properties and a light aircraft. The women went for jewellry, a room full of quilting materials and one of those massive campervans.
I was last. I was at a loss. I would not want any of those things. I had been trying to think of something. I probably own less than everyone else in the room. I don't have a house but I live with my father so I don't need one. I don't have a car but I can't drive and I have the tricycle. I don't wear jewels or fancy clothes.
At last I said, "Well I would really like the full version of the Oxford Dictionary - you know all 24 volumes."
There was silence and then, "Cat you can't have that. It's work."
Oh. "Well can I just save the money for the trip around the UK when I can eventually go?"
More silence and then, "No, that's not a thing. It has to be a thing, a big thing for now, not later."
I could not think of a thing. It does not matter. Nobody is going to buy me the winning lottery ticket.

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Holly said...

and with the number of exceptions that you could count on the fingers of one hand, no one who has won the lottery in any country of the world has been happier or better off five years later.

Those caveats were stupid. Why would I waste money on those kind of luxuries when I could pay ahead my teenagers University tuition, make sure I had someplace to live when I retire.

Oh - nuts to them. If we had 50 million dollars and couldn't do anything thing else - lets take a cruise around the world.