Monday, 8 June 2009

Jane had a pitch party

over on her "How Publishing Really Works" blog. I went prowling among some blogs that I had not looked at before. I have even added one to my list of blogs I think I should read. Jane was very kind to me. She added my tiny pieces about how cats write to her blog. Thankyou Jane. I feel honoured.
All the activity and prowling around made me think again about blogs and the purpose of blogging. The blogs I visited were many and varied. They varied in content and quality. I liked some and I did not like others. I left 'paw prints' on some and not on others.
Thankfully not one of the blogs was anything like the blog I was directed to earlier in the week. I felt uncomfortable looking at that blog. It should have been fine. It's written by someone who is committed to her faith, her husband, her six (home-schooled) children and her other activities. Most people would say all of these things can be, or even are, good in themselves. Taken in combination and with a 'bare my soul' style it was too much. I squirmed.
Perhaps it was not really a blog. Perhaps it is a vehicle for proselytising instead. I am not sure how she sees it. I am sure she means well - but meaning well is not suffficient.
Blogs are curiously both private and public places. There are people who collect long lists of blogs. I am not sure what they really do with them. I would not have time to read them and I am not sure I would want to read many of them.
There are blogs which get thousands of hits. If I reach a thousand I think I will have done well.
My blog is mine. My posts are my daily training session. I tell myself it is good discipline. A writer needs to write even when they do not want to write. That may be when they do the best writing of all.


Agnieszkas Shoes said...

How lovely to find other people's blogs through Jane's pitch party. Especially feline related ones. My wife tweets as a cat and tells me there's a whole mini-twitterverse consisting simply of cats following cats!

catdownunder said...

I have to confess it started out as a bit of joke because of my name. I think you need to own a mobile 'phone to twitter - and, so far, I have avoided owning such a thing!

Donna Hosie said...

I'm here from the blog party, staggering around, trying to find my way home.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I kept meaning to come on over because your name regularly pops up on Jane's comments; I'm glad I did, although I am allergic to cats! Go figure.

catdownunder said...

I prowled over to meet you Donna - I promise not to make you sneeze!

Katy said...

Saw your piece on Jane's blog too - great fun - congratulations!

catdownunder said...

Thanks Katy - I just sent it to Jane for the fun of it so it was a nice surprise to have her put it up.