Thursday, 25 June 2009

I want to snarl and snap this morning

because there was still no response from someone I have sent a parcel of work to - work I have done for them that is. At very least it would be polite to let me know it has arrived. When people send me things, even things I do not want, I let them know. Perhaps it has not arrived yet or it has been lost in the post - both things are unlikely. The recipient just needs to get act together and send me an e-mail that says, "It arrived." I don't even want a thankyou. I just need to know my work has not been wasted.
Sue sent me a packet of sock yarn yesterday - for the teen knitting group not me - and I let her know immediately. Apart from anything else it is incredibly generous of her. The kids will appreciate it. They were quite gleeful at the idea that Sue should be introduced to the Christopher Robin poems in return for the last box. They know it is important to acknowledge things in a timely manner.
Then I also want to snap and snarl about the other individual who tends to try an take over. She interferes. She is a spiky sort of individual who will snap at you given the slightest provocation, or even without it. She likes to organise. She likes to have things go her way. She will walk in on the middle of something that is going smoothly and proceed to re-organise things the way she thinks they should be run. She is not empathetic. There is an e-mail from her. I wish there wasn't. There is no pleasing me is there?
It is my check on oldies morning as well. They will need the usual bank, bill paying, post office and chemist run. They will grumble about the cold weather (our winters are like a good Scottish summer's day) and want the things they forgot to get when the community bus took them shopping. I can handle that though with ease. They will all say, "Thankyou". It's a little word and a big word too. I must remember to use it more often.


Katy said...

A little word with a big impact, spot on, Cat. It's a good habit to have, thanking people. I'd be annoyed about the work too in your position - very irritating!

Still, a little something to make you smile: I was driving home from work earlier this afternoon and turned into a road near mine. I was driving very slowly as the road is narrow and there was a car parked half on the pavement where it shouldn't have been. Anyway, as I drew close to it, the driver dropped some litter out of the window - a chocolate bar wrapper or similar - quite deliberately. I really hate it when people do that.

I stopped my car, wound down my window, and in my friendliest *concerned* voice said "Oh, excuse me, I think you dropped something out of your window". The woman looked very sheepish and opened her door to get out and pick it up. "Oh, thank you, love" she said.

catdownunder said...

Oh nicely done Katy!