Thursday, 16 April 2020

The annual flu vaccination

is more important than ever this year.
Middle Cat spent some time trying to work out how to get all three of us jabbed. Persuade our GP to give her the necessary and do it herself? Get her doctor son - my nephew - to do it?  Get her daughter-in-law, a nurse, to do it? No, they are now on the front-line and not coming anywhere near us.
Annoyingly we could not go to the chemist as the type we need isn't available there.
Realising there was a problem for more than one person the medical clinic decided to set up a station outside. People can drive up, stay in the car, wind down the windows and get jabbed. 
We arrived at the appointed time. Middle Cat was greeted with a cheerful smile and some banter - of course she knows the staff who were doing the job. They marked our names off, jabbed us and told us to wait ten minutes before letting Middle Cat drive off. The nurse was one of those who can actually give an injection without you feeling more than the slightest of pricks.
It was all very efficient.
So, why is my arm feeling so sore this morning? Grrrr.... 
Seriously though, we are very fortunate. I had an email from a friend in Zambia this morning. She is, rightly, concerned about the health of the children in her care. So far the virus has not reached them.  She is not hoarding cleaning supplies but she was letting me know that they have used the limited funds available for getting in some extra soap...more than they would usually have on hand. It will keep if it is not needed. Her only defence though will be even more attention to cleanliness.
I wish I could send her the almost 5000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 litres of hand sanitiser some fool thought he could stockpile and use to make a profit. He should be named, shamed and required to hand them over to charity.

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