Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How long are they going to take to dry?

My father sadly eyes his "socks knitted by Imperia" on the line and asks this question yet again. He only has three pairs of hand knitted socks - all from my friend Imperia. Imperia knits beautiful socks. I know. I own two pairs as well.
There is nothing quite like hand knitted socks, especially woolly handknitted socks as the weather gets a bit cooler.
Dad has skinny feet and skinny legs and, despite a good appetite, he does not weigh as much as he used to. Woolly socks are especially welcome to him.
As he said that I was reminded of something else I had not thought of in years. When my youngest sister was about two my mother made her a very rough doll out of a scrap of pink cloth. It was stuffed with foam plastic (fairly new at the time) that her father had given her. I do not know for certain but I rather suspect it was all we could afford at the time. I know it was one of the years my birthday was not celebrated. This doll used to get filthy dirty from being dragged around all the time. Periodically my mother would wash it and hang it on the line. My sister would then sit under the clothesline and watch, waiting for it to dry.
I bought socks for Dad. They are called "Explorer Socks" and they are thick - and mostly wool. This is something of a miracle in the country which once lived off the sheep's back. Our wool goes overseas. It does not seem to return.
I will probably do the same thing one day.

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Holly said...

Oh, someone who might like more socks. I have enough socks. I have lots of sock yarn. Let me know his size and I can pass along a few more pairs. then you would only have to wash socks every week rather than every few days....