Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I cannot do the washing

because the hot water tap refuses to shift. I am not surprised it has gone on strike. It will have to wait until Dad gets up. He knows more about these things than I do but I think that, this time, it may take a plumber.
So, I get to read more about Mr Swan's Budget than I care for. (If anyone else is reading this please I need some TLC in large doses.) Mr Swan is spending as if Australia actually had money in the bank. Well, we did have money in the bank. The last government left a healthy surplus, low unemployment, moderate taxes etc. Things would have changed in the current global economic circumstances but I don't think they would have been handing out $900 'presents' to people and borrowing the money from China to do it.
Not everyone got that little 'present' of course - I didn't because I don't actually earn enough. Now I could have done with the money. Thankfully perhaps I did not have to make the choice as to whether I felt I could actually keep such a bribe.
There is nothing at all about disability services in the Budget. It must be there somewhere, hidden so far into the warren of broken promises that the government hopes people will not notice. There are other things that are way up front of course - like the broadband roll out (out of date before they have finished it) and, for South Australia, an extension of the O-bahn busway which is inaccessible to many people with disabilities and will continue to be so. There are mutterings about a possible train extension south of Adelaide - but that is only 'maybe' and has so many obstacles it will almost certainly not occur. It is easier for the government to clog the roads with almost empty buses that do not go where people want them to go or when they want them to get there.
Mr Swan has not yet told me whether the government plans to pay me. I am not sure what he thinks I am living on.

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