Thursday, 21 May 2009

When a number of people

insisted that a 'blog' would be a 'good thing' and I should 'get into the habit' I should have been more wary. They do not write blogs. I am still not sure why I am trying this exercise. Holly says it is good to let off steam. She should know. She is a doctor. Doctors see stressed out patients all the time - and I am stressed out.
We have a conflict in Sri Lanka. According to the news media the fighting has stopped. That means people will soon stop reporting on it. After all, the misery of displaced people does not make exciting reading for a population which thrives on the blood and guts of war reporting. The real work is just beginning. The mess has to be cleaned up. The conflict is not actually over yet. The issues have not been resolved. At least the communication boards for this situation are less complex than the other major problem dominating the news. Pakistan.
Pakistan is a mess. It is political, social, religious, legal mess. It is a communications mess. The terrain is awful. Levels of literacy are low. There is a linguistic diversity that most people are unaware of . ("What language do they speak in Pakistan?" I keep getting asked this question and most people are amazed when I point out there is more than one, many more than one.) I am struggling to find people to help. I dislike trying to juggle multiple writing systems. There are just too many potential problems. I live in fear of making a major blunder and upsetting some sensitive soul who will believe it is deliberate rather than accidental.
I want to curl up with my paws over my eyes and forget about it all!

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