Thursday, 14 May 2009

I do not understand

much about the retail business. My friend Georgi taught me a little when she ran an excellent clothing store in the local shopping centre. She had to teach me something because we became friends the day she desperately needed to go to the loo. The tenancy agreements do not allow the shops to close even for a loo break so staff have to rely on each other to watch out. There was nobody to watch out that day so Georgi asked me even though we did not know one another. I could have been anyone but she must have decided I had an honest face.
After that we chatted a bit and I would say hello whenever I went past and, occasionally, mind the store for a bit. The boss in Melbourne approved the arrangement and, on the very rare occasions that I actually buy new clothes, I received staff discount. As most of my clothes come from the charity shop this did not amount to much.
I did learn a little about the retail trade however and one thing is that you need to know your product. Why then did they employ the young man in the other large retail chain bookstore I went into. I had a question about a book. They carry that publisher so I assumed they had access to all titles by that publisher - Australian publisher. Not unreasonable? I asked. I received a blank look and then the words, "I don't know anything about books. I just work here." It's a bookshop and you don't know anything about books? "Do you read?" "No, I've got better things to do."
I slink back to the local bookshop. They do not have access to that publisher through their supplier but I suppose we will sort something out.

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