Saturday, 23 May 2009

The smell of cornbread

is driving me to distraction. It is my contribution to the gathering today. We knitters are getting together for Maureen's birthday. Birthdays are a good excuse to get together. We all take something along for a shared meal. Somehow it always seems to sort itself out into a reasonably balanced meal too. I always take something savoury. Cornbread is about the closest I get to baking 'cake' of any sort apart from Christmas cake. This year I did not even manage a cake for Dad's birthday. Who wants cake when it is over 40'C? Some people might. We do not.
This cornbread recipe has parmesan cheese in it. I add a hint of cayenne pepper rather than the dill. Today I used rice bran oil rather than canola oil. Olive oil is a tad heavy for this recipe but is what I otherwise prefer for cooking.
So I am off to knit. Eleanor is picking me up at around 12.00. I always have mixed feelings about this but she says they want me there and the only way to get there (apart from the taxi I cannot afford) is for one of them to pick me up. Not being able to drive is a nuisance in this sort of situation but, overall, I am glad that I am not contributing to the hazards on the road. I would be a hazard. I watch other people all the time and think, "I would not have done that. How do they judge it?"
I can take the 'tablecloth' with me. This is the large circular piece of lace I have just finished. It is the adaptation of a pattern I found and decided to try. There is 'tablecloth' listed in the classes for the RAHS show in September and I will enter it in that without hope but it will ease my conscience about being a member of the Guild and dutifully putting something in. I am not sure that a woollen tablecloth is quite the thing though. What if you spilt tea on it?


Holly said...

any ability to take a pix?

Be careful, I will send you an inexpensive camera and trip pod. Or bring one with for you next August.

catdownunder said...

I now have a camera. I need to work out how to use it - as you know there are slight complications (not all of them concerned with reading the instruction book)! Give me time - am considering the tripod idea.