Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vanessa has finally managed to update her blog.

Anyone who is interested in this earth shattering revelation can head for Fidra Books. I have mentioned them before. Fidra publishes retro books for children. Real books, not the social-awareness-you-need-to-be-educated type books. Sigh.
It is partly Vanessa's fault that I have a blog at all. Vanessa and a few other people who thought it would be useful discipline for me made me start but do not bother to read it. I am not sure why I bother. (According to my young neighbour Ciaranne I should be writing a second novel for her benefit "because Vanessa says you should". I might if Vanessa ever tells me how bad the first one was.) The idea of course is that I will eventually blog my way around the UK. Perhaps.
I would like to. Realistically I may well be too old by the time I am free to do so but I need to be able to dream about it or I would feel totally trapped by having to care for my father.
Do not get me wrong. I love caring for my father. He is the most amazing and incredible person. At 86 he has a mind as inquiring as a 3yr old who keeps asking, "Why?" At the lunch table he asks questions like, "What's the difference between morals and ethics?" and then questions like, "Did you know the Inquisition continued into the 19th C? What made it start? What made it finish?" or, on a totally different track, "That leopardwood the Loggerheads chap sent is amazing stuff." (He's making more boxes as well as toys at present.) We can talk about things that we would not even be able to mention if my mother was still alive.
I would worry if my father sat down and watched television. Well, he watches a little now and then but it is very little. He will look at the television programmes occasionally and then forget to watch some documentary or other because he is too involved in something else. I would rather a read a book too.
But, blogs should be updated on a regular basis. So, I sit here thinking of all the things I want to say - and end up saying nothing at all.


Katy said...

Actually, for what it's worth, I think you say a lot, Cat, and I enjoy reading it very much. So there :-)

catdownunder said...

Thankyou Katy! I like your caterpillars - was going to leave you a message but got way laid by a work e-mail in Russian. I do not read Russian and the Russian dictionary was not a lot of help.
Caterpillars are much more fun!