Monday, 20 April 2009

Alexander Downer has had

a little shot at the Prime Minister in the 'Tiser today. Now this is hardly surprising. They are on opposite sides of the political fence. What astounds me is how restrained AD is being. I do not think diplomacy has anything to do with it. I think AD is trying to make a very legitimate point.
Our beloved PM was trying to tell us that people smugglers are the vilest scum on earth. I disagree. They are criminals but they rank below paedophiles, rapists, murderers and other terrorists in my book too.
Those who use their services also need investigation. Why are they seeking asylum? Where are they getting the money from? Those who make another sort of high profile living out of supporting refugees will say that all these people are in genuine fear of their lives. Yes, they may be but why? Is it because they have been supporting democracy, women's rights, the poor and oppressed? Or is it because they have broken the law and now fear they will be incarcerated or, worse, executed? I do not support the death penalty or people who traffic in death. As for where these people are getting the money from, is it really the life savings of their desperate families - or is it the proceeds from criminal activities?
Whatever way we look at it these people are not technically refugees and we should be doing all we can to discourage them from setting out. It is just too dangerous.
I have no doubt however that Kevin Rudd will be praised for his stance and Alexander Downer will be reviled for his. After all, like that well known QC we all 'know' that all asylum seekers are good people we should feel sorry for. Why do I feel more sympathy for those other genuine applicants who, trying to get here through legal channels, have been waiting for years?

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