Sunday, 12 April 2009

We were very late

returning home last night...well, it was almost this morning.
The travellers had spent the night in Balranald. Nothing was open except a pizza/fish and chips parlour. There was no pizza. They had run out of pizza. The fish and chips were apparently inedible. They did not stay for breakfast. Breakfast was in Mildura much later in the morning. My brother informs me that they ate bacon and eggs - except for my nephew. At 29 he has not grown up in the food department. He had two pies. He is still thin.
They did not have lunch so consumed prodigious quantities of my BIL's BBQ efforts in the evening. I do not much care for BBQ's - even his excellent BBQ's. I do not much care for eating late into the evenings, especially when I have been up since 5 am.
Today we are taking my neice-in-law's parents to Port Adelaide. It will be interesting to see whether her father stops talking long enough to take anything in. The Maritime Museum has a new display - should be good - and they want to look at the Railway Museum. They think they are doing this before lunch. They will not.
My lovely SIL has spun some wool and passed it on to me - 'do something with it - or toss it out if it is not any good'. It is good, good enough to use. What can I make her?

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