Friday, 24 April 2009

I think I am a coward

because I have not endeavoured to discover whether Vanessa has actually read my ms. If she has then she probably thought it was dreadful and is too kind to tell me. If she has not then I do not wish to irritate her further. I like what she is doing (saving older books from extinction) too much to want to detract her attention from her main task. Roger seems to think I should follow it up but I am in the curl up, paws over nose mode.
Perhaps it is because I have a doctoral thesis to read. It has three spelling errors on the first page. I am trying to be fair and will read it through before commenting but I have to admit that the spelling errors are off-putting. Of course this student has grown up in the era where correct spelling was not taught and not expected. I wonder how they get through university.
My nephew received his BMedTech yesterday. It will be useful for his eventual medical career but, despite the work involved now, he still believes he will be happier as a doctor and dealing with people. He is probably right.

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