Thursday, 2 April 2009

We had lunch

in a tiny, tiny French 'kitchen' yesterday. The owner says it is not a restaurant - and it is more like walking into someone's house.
We were taken there by people who once owned the shop next door. The 'kitchen' is tiny and the menu is strictly limited - but the cooking is excellent and you could actually see the salad next to my piece of quiche.
I used my very limited French -Josephine deserves compliments in her native language - and was given a hug by this delightful woman. How often do you eat out and get hugged by the management? She works alone and the business is gradually dying along with the district. It is sad but Josephine is too old to start somewhere else even if it was not financially risky.
Adelaide seems unable to cope with doing business anyway. The Business Council seems to think we need not only extended daylight saving but we need to put the clocks forward half an hour on a permanent basis to come into line with the eastern states. It seems South Australia really does only do business with this tiny part of the world. We are quite unable to cope with time changes in the rest of the world. No wonder we are falling so far behind.
Add to that our continuing refusal to recognise overseas qualifications in many areas and we are telling people we do not want them to come as well as the fact that we do not want them to do business here.
My own view? It is time some of these wimps grew up.

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