Sunday, 19 April 2009

I was wrong

about the noise level of the party. I could hear it but it was not excessive. The immediate neighbours would have found it a good deal louder but four houses away it was tolerable. I hope they had a good time.
I went to bed with a book by Simon Beckett - a crime yarn, "Whispers of the Dead". His protagonist, David Hunter, is a more complex individual than many series characters. There would have been a good deal of research done before this book was even started. I doubt many people realise how much research can go into a novel. What day of the week was it on such and such a date? What was the weather like? Who was the Prime Minister? I know that Cynthia Harmett spent at least two years researching before she wrote "The Woolpack." That still has to be one of the finest examples of historical literature for children - and the book is probably out of print. I know that our local bookshop owner believes Australian children would not read it. I disagree - it depends on how you introduce the book.
On my way home yesterday a car stopped and pulled back slightly so I could pedal past. I did not recognise the car or the driver but it turned out to be non-reader Sam in his mother's car. He was wearing dark glasses - that never helps me recognise people. I wonder what it is like to be someone like Sam, someone who does not read.

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