Saturday, 11 April 2009

It has been revealed

that the Prime Minister is owned by a cat called Jasper. Apparently this is not the Lodge cat but the Prime Minister's cat. There is a difference. Jasper is not one of the succession of cats who have owned No 10. There have been cats who owned the Lodge but apparently Jasper owns the PM. If so, he is not doing a particularly good job of keeping the PM in his right and proper place.
Pluto went in the door ahead of me and the laundry basket this morning. He stayed for some time. I think the humans he owns must have gone away for Easter. He spent quite a lot of time with us yesterday as well. I waste time when he is around - but he is fun to play with.
There should be more fun later today. My father does not know it yet but the invitation to my sister's place for the evening meal is more than that. My brother should be arriving from Sydney for a very quick visit later today. He talks with Dad each week - often for more than an hour and generally about woodwork and the ongoing saga of the kitchen he is renovating for his wonderful Ruth - but they do not see one another very often. It is more than twelve months since they last saw one another. I sometimes wonder if we should get Skype so they can see one another but Dad is not fond of computers.

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