Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I actually managed to get a good slice of work

done yesterday. This was despite Dad's mate coming for lunch. (Neville's wife is away until Wednesday. He is perfectly able to cook for himself but, as he said, it would not be "roast chicken and all that veg". )
The doctoral thesis was returned to the university. I recommended a fail. The other external examiner agreed. The supervisor is, I think, relieved.
I finished proof reading two pieces, made sure the Tamil communication boards had been sent to the right people for updates and checking - and went to the library.
The library is a safe haven for many people, especially on a wet day. The two mentally ill young people who usually frequent the park were sitting on the seat under the eaves outside. They were at opposite ends. The boy was rocking backwards and forwards and, as usual, talking to himself like a rap artist. The girl was shredding more toilet paper into the tiniest shreds. Neither of them has anything to do and inclement weather makes their predicament worse. The girl never talks. She does buy chocolate in the supermarket and flavoured milk at the Patisserie. The woman there is very patient with her. I have tried to say hello but I get no reaction. So much for care in the community, integration and government programmes. Advocacy seems to worsen the problem, not improve it.

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