Friday, 10 April 2009

Chocolate? Rabbits!

There is a warning in the 'Tiser this morning. We are all going to put on 2kg over Easter by eating chocolate!
There would not be 2kg of chocolate in the house. There are two of us in the house. We do have a box shaped like a rabbit with twelve small chocolates inside it. My guess is that the chocolate weighs around about 120-150gms. Perhaps it is the nut in the middle of the chocolate that will put on the weight?
Ah no, wait a moment, my father still has some chocolates left over from the box Belinda across the road gave him for his birthday. It was another little box - square this time - with another twelve chocolates. His birthday was a while back now and there are still four chocolates. He insists on sharing them with me - I definitely do not need them - but it is still taking a while.
That makes sixteen chocolates in the house. We are definitely in the danger zone here. He could afford to put on 2kg. I woud happily give him 2kg of my weight.
I do try to feed him properly. It is fish today - no 'chips' this time. I never deep fry 'chips' anyway. They get a brush over with olive oil and get stuck under the griller. We will have salad - and fresh fruit to follow. So, why is it that this minimal amount of chocolate will put on 2kgs?

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